N2F2 Lewis Structure & Characteristics (13 Complete Facts)

N2F2 is also known as dinitrogen difluoride is a compound obtained when thermal decomposition of azide (N3F) takes place. Let us analyze some facts about it.

هيكل N.2F2 contains two atoms of Hydrogen element and Nitrogen element each. The structure can exist as isomers (cis and trans). It appears to be a colorless gas and its observed molar mass is 66 g/mol. The density of dinitrogen difluoride is 2.69 g/L.

The boiling point is different for both isomeric forms, for cis form it is -105°C and for trans it is observed to be -111°C. The melting point for cis is -195°C and trans is -172°C. In the following sections, we will analyze some important properties like shape, polarity, structure, etc. in detail.

كيفية رسم N.2F2 هيكل لويس؟

By making use of lewis structure concept we can understand bonding process in dinitrogen difluoride better. Let us study how to draw it for N2F2.

1.Finding out total number of valence electrons

The total number of valence electrons in dinitrogen difluoride is 24. Nitrogen has 5 valence electrons, as two atoms of N are there 2×5= 10. Fluorine element has 7 valence electrons, as two F atoms are present 2×7=14. Hence making it to be 10+14=24 valence electrons.

2. Predicting the atom to be placed at the centre

This step involves deciding the atom which will be placed at the centre. The atom having less electronegativity among the other atoms will be placed in the middle. In the structure of dinitrogen difluoride Nitrogen element is least electronegative and will be placed at the centre.

3. Placing of electrons between the atoms in appropriate manner

Fluorine needs one more electron to complete its octet, so it will share electron with nitrogen and form a single bond. There are 2 F and 2 N atoms, which will bond in similar manner. The 2 Nitrogen atoms will share two pairs of electrons and form a double bond. The two types of bonds are N-N & N-F.

N2F2 هيكل لويس

N2F2 شكل هيكل لويس

The structure of the molecule helps in predicting other properties. Let us find out for N2F2.

شكل هيكل لويس لـ N.2F2 is مستو ثلاثي الزوايا. We can see the structure looks symmetrical and hence either of the atom of Nitrogen element can be assumed as central atom, we can denote it as A. The fluorine bonding with a single bond on one side, can be denoted as X.

Now consider the N-F bond on the other side of double bond as X (one part). The central atom Nitrogen has 1 pair of lone pairs of electrons (E). It is clear that the structure has a formula AX2E. This formula is said to give trigonal planar geometry.

N2F2 رسوم هيكلية لويس الرسمية

The formal charge will contribute in prediction of lower energy. Now we will analyze for N2F2.

The formal charge on dinitrogen difluoride is 0. The calculation of formal charge on this molecule is discussed below in detail.

The equation for calculating formal is

  • الشحنة الرسمية = إلكترونات التكافؤ - زوج وحيد من الإلكترونات - عدد الروابط
  • Formal charge on N atom = 5 – 2 – 6/2 = 0
  • Formal charge on F atom = 7 – 6 – 1 = 0

Therefore the formal charge on dinitrogen difluoride is 0 according to the above calculation.

N2F2 زاوية هيكل لويس

Lone pairs of electrons play a key role in structure geometry. Let us analyze for N2F2.

ثم2F2 lewis structure angle is 118°. The geometry is trigonal planar and structure is in the bent form. There is one lone pair of electrons on central atom, which tends to push the side atoms downwards. In other words there will be repulsion. The geometry appears to be distorted.

N2F2 حكم لويس هيكل الثماني

According to this rule atoms should have complete octet meaning 8 electrons in the outer shell. Let us see for N2F2.

ثم2F2 lewis structure follows the octet rule. Nitrogen has the potential to take 3 more electrons and complete its octet. So it acquires 2 electrons from N in the N-N bond and one from N-H bond. Fluorine has 7, so it satisfies by sharing it with N and completes the octet.

N2F2 أزواج هيكل لويس الوحيد

The lone pairs of electrons do not participate in the covalent type of bonding. Let us study for N2F2 هيكل لويس.

The lone pairs on N2F2 lewis structure is 1 on Nitrogen and 3 on Fluorine atom. The lone pair that is situated on central atom Nitrogen affects the molecular geometry and the electrons will try to be as far apart. Meaning there will be repulsive forces observed.

N2F2 إلكترونات التكافؤ

Valence electrons are the electrons in the outer shell which will participate in the bonding process. Let us find for N2F2.

The total valence electrons in N2F2 lewis structure is 24. The contribution of valence electrons from Nitrogen side is 10, five from each of the 2 Nitrogen atoms. The contribution from Fluorine side is 14, seven from each of the two Fluorine atoms.

N2F2 تهجين

Hybridization is a process where mixing of orbitals takes place to give new orbitals with different shape, energy from the original one. Let us check for N2F2.

The hybridization of Nitrogen element atom (central atom) is sp2. By finding out the steric number we can find out the type of hybridization involved in the structure. The calculation of the same is given below.

  • Steric number = number of atoms involved in bonding with central atom + lone pairs ( w.r.t central atom )
  • Steric number ( Nitrogen) = 2 + 1 = 3

According to above calculation steric number is 3 and it gives sp2 نوع التهجين.

N2F2 الذوبانية

This property describes the ability of a substance to be soluble or being able to dissolve itself in various given solvent. Let us find for N2F2.

قائمة المركبات التي فيها N.2F2 قابل للذوبان:

  • Water
  • الأثير
  • البنزين

N2F2 is seen to be soluble in water. The reason for its solubility is الرابطة الهيدروجينية ممكن.

هل ن2F2 صلب أم غاز؟

Let us find out about the physical nature of dinitrogen difluoride solid state, liquid or gaseous state.

N2F2 exists in gaseous form. This is applicable at room temperature. The dinitrogen difluoride is produced as a gas when N2F4 and bromine react in the presence of heat (photochemical reaction). Some other by products are also obtained in the reaction.

هل ن2F2 قطبي أم غير قطبي؟

Polar substance have difference in their electronegativities whereas nonpolar do not have difference. Let us analyze for N2F2.

N2F2 is polar. As there is difference in the electronegativity values of the 2 elements. But the polarity depends on the type of isomer, cis isomeric form is polar as it has a dipole moment of 0.16 D. Where as the trans isomeric form is nonpolar As it does not have dipole moment.

هل ن2F2 الحمضية أم القاعدية؟

Lewis acid is the one that accepts pair of electrons and lewis base gives away electrons. Let us find for N2F2 .

N2F2 is a lewis base. It acts as lewis base because it has lone pair of electrons and it can give those unshared electrons. One more reason is there exists difference in the electronegativity values of Nitrogen and Fluorine.

هل ن2F2 الأيونية أو التساهمية؟

Ionic bonds are formed between a metal and a non metal element. Whereas covalent is sharing of electrons for bonding. Let us see for N2F2.

N2F2 is covalent. The reason is the bond formation process occurs as a result of sharing the valence electrons in the structure. Also the bond is of the type non metal and non metal which is a important criteria for a compound to be covalent.

في الختام

N2F2 is a colorless gas existing in two isomeric forms. The cis form is polar and trans form is non polar. Its geometry is trigonal planar.

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