Is Horrible Adjective Or Noun? 3 Facts(When & Examples)

Nouns are naming words that name something or somebody. Adjectives are describing words that qualify nouns. Let us get to know whether the word “horrible” names or describes.

الكلمة "فظيع" is an adjective as it is used for the purpose of qualifying, modifying or describing singular or plural nouns, pronouns or noun phrases (people, places, events, things, animals, ideas, situations, etc.) by giving some extra and supplementary information or details about them.  

Let us now go through some interesting facts and examples to understand the reasons why the word “horrible” is an adjective.

When is “horrible” an adjective?

“Horrible” is an adjective when it describes a noun. Here we will see when exactly “horrible” is an adjective by getting to know what extra details “horrible” gives about nouns.

To know the instances when the word “horrible” functions as an الصفة, let us read through the following tabular column.

Instances When “Horrible” Is An Adjectiveأمثلةتفسيرات
1. When used to qualify a naming word that is unpleasant, abominable, very bad and is dislikedToday at the office, I had a فظيع experience while presenting my presentation in front of my team members.في هذه الجملة ، الكلمة "فظيع" هي صفة لأنها تعدل كلمة التسمية ‘experience’. The adjective “horrible” gives us the additional information that the speaker had a very unpleasant and a bad experience at the office while presenting the presentation.
2. When utilized to modify a naming word that is frightening, painful, or scaryAll of us are still trying our best to forget that فظيع incident that happened two years ago.الصفه "فظيع" in this sentence is providing details about the scary and frightening incident that happened two years ago. “Horrible” here is qualifying the naming word ‘incident’.
3. When utilized to qualify a naming word (a person in most cases) who is feeling upset or worriedSahana had a فظيع feeling thinking about all that happened at the gala last evening.
في الجملة المعطاة ، الكلمة "فظيع" is an adjective since it modifies the naming word ‘feeling’. The usage of “horrible” here shows that Sahana was upset and worried thinking about what happened at the gala last evening.
4. When used to describe a naming word (mostly an individual or people) who is / are rude, impolite, and unfriendlySunandha’s فظيع behavior was highly detested by all.
“Horrible”, the adjective is utilized in this sentence to denote the rude and impolite behavior of Sunandha which was detested by all. The adjective "فظيع" describes the naming word 'سلوك' هنا.
5. When utilized to qualify a naming word (in specific a person or people) who is / are bad (lacking) at any skill, activity, or abilityNeha, one of our colleagues is a فظيع public speaker.
الصفه "فظيع" في هذه الجملة هو توصيف كلمة التسمية ‘public speaker’ by telling that Neha, one of our colleagues is not good (bad) in public speaking skills.
Instances When “Horrible” Is An Adjective

Is “horrible” a descriptive adjective?

All adjectives qualify and describe nouns, but how they qualify them differs. Based on this, adjectives fall under various types, and descriptive adjectives are one among them.

The adjective “horrible” is a صفة وصفية since it qualifies and describes the naming words (people, things, ideas, events, situations, places, etc.) by stating their qualities, states of mind, nature, features, behaviors, or attitudes. 

Example: We have already visited that park, and it is فظيع as it is not maintained well.

في الجملة أعلاه ، الكلمة "فظيع" functions as an adjective, qualifying the naming word ‘park’ (a place). كي تكون اكثر دقة، "فظيع" يمكن اعتباره أ صفة وصفية as it gives us additional information حول bad and unpleasant nature of the park.

When is “horrible” a descriptive adjective?

The word “horrible” can be or is a descriptive adjective when it is describing a singular or plural naming word by stating it’s unpleasant, bad, frightened, scared, rude, impolite, or lack of skill nature or behavior.

Now let us peruse the examples in the following tabular column to have a clearer and better understanding of the usage of “horrible” as a descriptive adjective.

أمثلةExplanations – Usage Of “Horrible” As A Descriptive Adjective
1. Today, I made coffee for the first time and I must say it tasted فظيع.“Horrible”, the predicate descriptive adjective in this sentence is qualifying the naming word ‘coffee’ (a thing- a beverage). استخدام "فظيع" here conveys the unpleasant and bad taste of the coffee that was made by ‘I’.
2. ال فظيع event which happened that night changed all of our lives to great extent.الصفة الوصفية الوصفية "فظيع" used in this sentence tells about the frightening and scary nature of the event that happened that night which changed all our lives. The adjective "فظيع" is here describing the naming word 'حدث'.
3. Rupali’s talks and behaviors with others are just فظيع.في هذه الجملة ، "فظيع" is acting as a predicate descriptive adjective that is conveying the rude, impolite and unfriendly nature of Rupali’s talks and behavior. The naming words ‘talks’ and ‘behaviors’ are modified by the adjective "فظيع" هنا.
4. Though Sudha likes to sing, she can be a فظيع singer at times.هنا الكلمة "فظيع" is taking the role of an attributive descriptive adjective since it is modifying the naming word ‘singer’ (a person) by stating that Sudha’s skill as a singer is not very good.
5. Our everyday activities are highly disturbed and interrupted by the فظيع طقس.الصفة الوصفية الوصفية "فظيع" is utilized in this sentence to tell about the unpleasant and bad nature of the weather that is disturbing everyday activities. The adjective "فظيع" here qualifies the naming word ‘طقس'.
6. Since I learned about that sad news, I have had فظيع thoughts in my mind.الصفه "فظيع" is functioning as an attributive descriptive adjective in this sentence as it is modifying the plural naming word ‘thoughts’ عن طريق النقل the worried and upsetting nature of the thoughts that the speaker had in his / her mind.
7. You can do the painting and coloring while I do the writing work, as I am فظيع at all these artworks. “Horrible”, the predicate descriptive adjective utilized here tells that the speaker does not have good skills in the artworks. وصفة "فظيع" describes the naming word 'أنا' (a person) in the given sentence.
Usage Of “Horrible” As A Descriptive Adjective

Is “horrible” a noun?

Nouns, also known as naming words, are names of people, places, things, events, ideas, feelings, animals, etc. We shall see whether the word “horrible” can function as a noun.

The word “horrible” is not a الاسم, as it is not naming any individual, place, situation, idea, event, etc. However, the noun form of the word “horrible” is ‘رعب.’ The word ‘horror’ is an abstract noun as it names the emotion or feeling of pain or fear that is probably caused by some pain.

1. My sister woke up shouting in the night as she had a فظيع حلم.الكلمة "فظيع" في هذه الجملة ليس اسما as it does not name anything or anybody. 
“Horrible” is an adjective that is describing the naming word (noun) 'حلم' by stating the scary and frightening nature of the dream that ‘my sister’ had. 
2. ال رعب on their faces explained the struggles and torture that they had been undergoing for so many years. في هذه الجملة ، الكلمة ‘horror’ هو الاسم كما هي names the fearful, scared, and painful look on their faces which is caused by the struggles and torture that they had been undergoing
Usage Of “Horrible” And ‘Horror’

في الختام

This article, thus, explains why, when, and how the word “horrible” is an adjective and also tells us why it is not a noun.

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