CH2S Lewis Structure & Characteristics (17 Complete Facts)

CH2S or thioformaldehyde is an organosulfur compound found in the interstellar medium. This molecule is analogue to formaldehyde and is known for its fundamental nature.

CH2S is an organic chemical and has an atomic mass of 46.092 Da. The Chemspider ID for CH2S is 71446. CH2S is known by other names like Methanethial, Méthanethione and carbon monosulfide.

Let us learn about the different aspects of CH2S like hybridization, formal charge, lewis structure and bond angle which are given in the different sections of this article.

How to draw the CH2S lewis structure?

هيكل لويس من CH2S contains a total of three bonds including a double bond with sulfur atom. The lewis structure for CH2S can be drawn by following the below given rules.

1.    احسب عدد إلكترونات التكافؤ

The total valence count for CH2S is 12. Each atom contributes electrons depending upon its valence electronic configuration. The carbon atom (C) contributes 4 electrons, sulfur provides 6 while the hydrogen (H) gives its two electrons together.

2.    Selection of the central atom

A carbon atom will place at the centre. Carbon is the most electropositive within the molecule. Generally, the selection is based on the electronegativity factor. Now, the least electronegative element except hydrogen will place at the central position and the remaining one at the outer position.

3.    Formation of  the sigma bond

A single bond will be drawn between the atoms within the molecule. This is because always a sigma bond is formed first. After drawing one sigma bond, all the atoms should receive 8 electrons in their outer orbitals except for the hydrogen atom.

4.    Addition of the double bond

A double bond will be established between the sulfur and the carbon atom as the single bond does not satisfy the stable valency of the atoms. Hence, after the introduction of the unsaturation i.e. double bond, each atom receives 8 electrons as shown in the below picture.

ch2s lewis structure
CH2هيكل إس لويس

CH2S lewis structure shape

The structural aspect of the intended molecule determines the positions of the atoms within the molecule. Let us see the structural arrangement of CH2S as given below.

شكل CH2S is trigonal planar. The whole structure gives a resemblance to a triangular shape. The carbon atom is present at the centre and the rest of the atoms occupy the edges of the triangle as shown in the given picture.

CH2شكل هيكل S.

CH2S lewis structure formal charge

The formal charge corresponds to the sum of the total charges carried by the individual atoms within the molecule. Let us calculate the formal charge for CH2S as shown below.

The formal charge for CH2S is 0 as the general formula for calculation of the formal charge is F= free valence electrons- non-bonded electrons and -1/2 bonded electrons.

The calculation for the formal charge for the individual atom is given below:

electrons count
غير مقيد
electron count
اتهام رسمي
كربون 4084-0-8/2 = 0
كبريت 6486-4-8/2 =0
هيدروجين1011-0-2/2= 0
Formal Charge calculation of CH2S Lewis structure


CH2S lewis structure angle

The structural angle indicates both the distance between the bond vectors and repulsions experienced by the atoms within the molecule. Let us find the angle of thioformaldehyde.

CH2S Lewis structure has a bond angle of 120o. This is an ideal bond angle for the CH2S. This is because the absence of the lone pairs in the structure makes this angle a perfect fit for the trigonal shape. Furthermore, the VSPER theory also supports this data.

CH2S lewis structure octet rule

According to the Octet rule, each atom should have eight-electron in its valence shell after bonding. Let us find out how CH2S follow this rule.

CH2S is in accordance with the octet rule. As each atom of the thioformaldehyde receives valence electron configuration. The carbon and sulfur both have 8 electrons after the bond formation whereas the hydrogen atoms get their outer subshell fulfilled.

CH2S lewis structure lone pairs

Lone pairs of electrons have no active role in the formation of bonds like valence electrons but they decide the shape of the molecule. Let us see the lone pairs of CH2S.

There is a total of 4 lone pairs present in CH2S as the lone pairs can be figured out by using the general formula, that is, total valence electrons – total bonded atoms.

  • Total valence electrons in CH2S = 12
  • Total bonded atoms in CH2S = 8
  • مجموع الأزواج الفردية = 12-8 = 4
  • Hence lone pair count = 4

CH2S valence electrons

Valence electrons are the key electrons which directly links to bond formation. Let us discuss the total number of valence electron of CH2S.

The valence count of CH2S is 12. This is because only those electrons which are present in the outer orbitals can be considered for chemical reactions. Those electrons which are present in inner-most orbitals are tightly bound with the nucleus and hence are rigid in their respective positions.

  • C (Z = 6) = 1s2 2s2 2p2 أي 4 valence electrons for carbon
  • S (Z = 16) = [Ne] 3s²3p4 أي 6 electrons for the sulfur atom
  • H ( Z=1) = 1sأي 1 إلكترون التكافؤ
  • Hence, valence electron count  = 6+4+1*2 = 12

CH2تهجين S.

The procedure of forming bonds via sharing of electrons is called hybridization. Let us discuss the type of hybridization adopted by CH2S.

CH2S has Sp2 تهجين. The hybridization of CH2S can be found out from the stearic number method. The stearic number for CH2 comes out to be 3 which corresponds to the Sp2 تهجين.

  • عدد ستاريك = 1/2 [V + M-C + A]
  • V = Total number of valence electrons on central atom i.e. 4
  • م = عدد الذرة أحادية التكافؤ = 1
  • C = المسؤول عن الكاتيون = 0
  • أ = الشحن على الأنيون = 0
  • ح = ½ [4 + 2]
  • H = 3, Hence hybridization is Sp2

هل CH2S صلبة أم سائلة؟

The state of a particular substance is directly interconnected with its properties. Let us find the state of matter of CH2S.

CH2S exists in both solid and liquid states. This happens because CH2S is a natural product with a low boiling point and rarely exists as a single unit in the liquid state. CH2S generally oligomerizes to form larger units found in the solid state.

هل CH2S soluble in water?

Solubility is an important factor for understanding the mode of action of the intended chemical species. Let us check the solubility of CH2S in the water molecule.

CH2S has low water solubility. As water is an inorganic solvent and hence unable to form a homogenous solution with CH2S molecules. Moreover, according to the solubility rule of solvents, 'Like dissolve like' i.e. CH2S can dissolve in organic solvents, and not in an inorganic solvent like water.

هل CH2S قطبي أم غير قطبي؟

The symmetrical or unsymmetrical arrangement of the atoms is directly related to the polarity of the molecule. Let us find out the polarity of the CH2S.

CH2S is polar in nature. This happens because of the electronegativity difference of 0.08 between the carbon and the sulfur atoms. This electronegativity difference makes the molecule polar and capable of rotating the polarized light which is the characteristic of being a polar molecule.

هل CH2S a molecular compound?

A compound is said to be a molecular compound when its formation involves the sharing of the orbitals. Let us see if CH2S is a molecular compound or not.

CH2S is a molecular compound. This is because all the atoms share their outer orbitals to form CH2S and do not involve the complete transfer of the electrons.

هل CH2S acid or base?

An acid is any entity which accepts electrons readily whereas the base refers to donating its lone pairs or electrons. Let us find out if CH2S is an acid or base.

CH2S is basic, not acidic. The structure of CH2S indicates the presence of lone pairs on the sulfur atom. These lone pairs can be attracted by another electron-deficient species. Hence, in this way CH2S act as a base.

هل CH2S المنحل بالكهرباء؟

Electrolytes are the chemical species which conduct electricity by producing ions. Let us see whether CH2S هو المنحل بالكهرباء أم لا.

CH2S does not include in the class of electrolytes because it does not produce ions on dissolution and it does not contain any free electrons as all electrons are paired. Hence, it does not produce any electricity.

هل CH2S salt?

Salt is defined as any entity formed as a result of acid and basic reactions. Let us discuss whether CH2S is a salt or not.

CH2S is not salt because of the following reasons:

  • CH2S does not exhibit neutral properties like salt i.e. maintenance of the pH of the reaction mixture.
  • CH2S is basic in nature
  • Based on the electronegativity factor, CH2S contains two cationic atoms ( carbon and hydrogen) and one anion-like atom (sulfur).
  • However, for the formation of a salt, there is the requirement of only one cationic and anionic atom.

هل CH2S أيوني أو تساهمية؟

The compounds with mutual sharing of electrons are known as covalent and those with electron transfer are known as ionic compounds. Let us discuss if CH2S ionic or covalent.

CH2S is a covalent compound. As it is formed when the electrons in the outer orbitals of carbon get excited and make space for the upcoming electrons from the sulfur and hydrogen atoms. Thus, the molecule is formed as a result of transfer of electrons instead of sharing electrons like in ionic compounds.

هل CH2S tetrahedral?

A molecule is said to be tetrahedral if it contains a perfect tetrahedron angle. Let us explore if CH2S is tetrahedral or not.

CH2S does not belong to tetrahedral geometry. The bond angle in CH2S is 1200 which is not suitable for a tetrahedron. The molecule with an angle of 109.40 is considered ideal for the tetrahedron shape.

في الختام

CH2S is an organic molecule which belongs to the organo-sulfur class and is found rarely. This organic entity has Sp2 hybridization with a 1200 bond angle along with zero formal charges. The nature of the molecule is polar and tends to dissolve in organic solvents.

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